What do we need to bring?

A valid Texas saltwater fishing license for anglers 17 years and older, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, and a cooler to take your fish home. We always usually have a case of bottled water on the boat.  Also depending on the time of year, proper clothing and maybe a light rain jacket, like those made by frogg toggs.

can we bring alcoholic beverages?

Beer, wine, or wine coolers is fine, we do not allow hard liquor on the boat for any reason. Please drink responsibly, especially if you were out  the night before and get in late.


Do we need to bring our own tackle?

No, we provide all bait, tackle, and lures for each trip, But if you want to bring your favorite fishing rods or lures, be our guests. try to bring similar sized tackle to what we use, spooled all the way with 20-30 pound braided line. we use the power pro brand.


how long does a typical trip last?

We usually go off of the fishing, and it also depends on you. If we catch a limit of one species pretty fast we usually go for something else depending on the time of year. Most bay trips average about 6 hours. Go to our offshore page for more info on those trip lengths.

Do we fish Baffin Bay or the land cut?

Yes, we go down there mainly at the customers request or for tournaments. When someone wants to fish Baffin bay or the land cut we charge an extra $100 for travel expenses.


Do we offer wade fishing trips?

yes we sure do, but you will need to bring your own rods and reels,waders, belts, stringers, and bait buckets(if throwing bait)


Do you take kids fishing?

we have had the pleasure of watching many kids catch their first or biggest saltwater fish. Of course they are always welcome. If  they get bored real easy, you might want to bring plenty of snacks, that usually gives them something to do in between bites.

How many people can we take?

Bay fishing we will take up to five, but realize it's still a little crowded at that, four people or less is the best.


What if we have more than 5 people in our party?

We can accommodate as many people as you have, we just get other guide boats, and set up a multi-boat trip. Any trip that requires more than 4 extra guides, there will be an additional set up charge.


Do you pick people up in Port Aransas?

Yes, we fish quite a bit out of port a. we don't charge extra to pick up there like some guides, but we do not clean fish there. You will need to pay the fish cleaners in port a to clean your catch. Right now the going rate is 65 cents per pound.

Do you clean our catch?

Yes, besides a Port Aransas pickup,your catch will be cleaned and bagged for you after we take some pictures of them at the end of the day by us.


Do you use live bait or lures?

Most of the time we are using live or dead bait. We are also known to take a lot of fresh live bait, to give you the best shot at catching more fish, it's not cheap for us, but it greatly improves your chances big time. We do use lures, most of the time it's at the request of the customer, or when we do winter time Baffin bay trophy trout trips, in which we wade fish.


what kind of boat will we be on?

you will be on the smoothest, driest, bay boats made, a 2018 Haynie magnum powered by a Mercury 250 proxs outboard. It also has all the bells and whistles like dual power poles, gps, trolling motor and radio.

should I tip my guide?

While tips are not required, our guides work hard to show our customers a good time, and much appreciate them after a great day. most tips average around $100.


where do you launch from?

Most of the time we leave from hamptons landing in Aransas pass, but we do pick people up in port Aransas. We also launch in nueces bay, and billings bait stand in corpus, and cove harbor or goose island state park in rockport.