Offshore fishing out of Port Aransas Texas is a blast, you never know what you can hook into out in the Gulf of Mexico!!!! From red Snapper to blue marlin, we have caught them all, and know a ton of different methods to catching them. We split offshore trips up into three types, offshore blue water trolling, near offshore, and bay shark fishing. each one has a different price and possibility of catching different fish.

The offshore blue water trolling trip will focus more on the pelagic species like blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna, and dolphin(mahi-mahi). these trips usually last at least ten hours, usually fishing 30-50 miles offshore, and take place mainly from June through November.

on The near offshore we will target such species as Ling(cobia), kingfish, sharks, tripletail, snapper, triggerfish, and spadefish. These trips usually last six to eight hours, and we run anywhere from the Port Aransas jetties out to 20 miles offshore.

The bay shark fishing can be done any day in the summer months. When we do these we are fishing in the bays around Port Aransas and not offshore. We target big bull, black tip, and bonnet head sharks. This fishing can be kind of boring, until one of those big reels start to scream!!!!! But don't forget that the state record bull shark came from Aransas bay, weighing in at 513 pounds!!! there are some really big ones out there.

Offshore blue water trolling rates:

$1200 up to 4 anglers

Near offshore rates:

$800 up to four anglers

bay shark fishing:

$600 up to four anglers